Cousins, the best gift for your children

Siblings are and will always be the first gift for your children, but we cannot forget that cousins ​​are also invaluable in the lives of children. Cousins ​​are those relatives that you want to see at family reunions because you know that you will have a good time with them, thanks to them you learn great communication and social skills, but in addition, you also learn to give and receive affection outside of the home but within the family.

The first strong bond of friendship

Although siblings are also friends, the sibling barrier makes it a closer and much stronger bond than with cousins. But cousins ​​will be the first strong bond of friendship for your children within the same family. There is loyalty between cousins ​​that will not exist in other friendships; when the affective bond is cultivated and strengthened, there can be a true friendship.

It does not matter that the cousins ​​are not next to your children every day, it does not matter if they only see each other at family gatherings or if they each live in a different city … It is a privileged bond, where children know the importance they have within the lives of their cousins, and like them, are important too. The desire to spend time with him never diminishes, but increases. The best adventures are lived next to the cousins!

A friendship that can last a lifetime

The complicit friendship that is lived with the cousins, the first real hugs and the first apologies… All the experiences lived with the cousins ​​can make it become a special friendship that lasts forever. Cousins ​​who cultivate their friendship when they are young can have a great bond as adults. It is even possible that when they have their own children, they enjoy meetings between cousins ​​so that their children also find a beautiful friendship between them.

Parents and uncles, a great example to follow

As in everything, children will always learn to live with others and to have better or worse social skills, seeing how their parents relate to others. In this case, it is very important that the parents of the children have a good relationship that the little ones can see. Even if you do not live in the same place or city, you can cultivate the relationship by talking on the phone, sending letters or messages, making video calls … Today’s life and new technologies make communication between people much easier than before.

So if children see in their parents a willingness to maintain contact with their siblings, children will learn to behave in the same way with their cousins. Hearing good words from their uncles and cousins ​​will make the little ones have a better disposition to interact with their relatives. On the other hand, if children hear bad words from their own relatives, they will only learn to maintain hostile relationships with others. It is very important to set the best example for your children.

Take care of the complicity between cousins.

The complicity that exists between the friendship of cousins ​​can be truly magical and is worth taking care of. Cousins ​​can be best friends, great supports, and companions in adventures and secrets. This emotional bond is unique and can last forever if it is cared for from a young age. Although the cousins ​​are not seen every day, they are known to be special, and the feeling one has for them is unique. A feeling of true happiness.